Val Trebbia

The B&B’s are immersed in the wonderful, pristine Val Trebbia in a strategic position for numerous nature and artistic excursions.

By stopping in our B&B, it’s possible to enjoy these natural paradises.

In particular, one must spend a day on the banks of the Trebbia, one of the very few uncontaminated rivers of northern Italy where it is possible to swim and dive the the turquoise waters while surrounded by the Appennino mountains, a truly energizing and inspiring experience.

To name some of the possible destinations:

    • Rivergaro, a small town with a lovely park along the banks of the Trebbia river
    • Travo, with it’s neolithic archaeological area
    • Pietra Perduca e Pietra Parcellara, a choice of hiking trails and sites that are so unique to have inspired centuries of tales and superstitions
    • Bobbio, a historically rich town of Roman origin, from St. Colombine to all the pilgrims that passed through while walking along the “Via Francigena”or the “Via of the Abbots” to the famous Gobbo Bridge which seems to have been built by the devil himself

And still: the medieval Bobbiano Tower, Castellaro oratorio, in which there is a village festival in July, the meandering banks of the Trebbia at San Salvatore, the village of Brugnello, the waterfalls of Perino, the Bergaiasca Valley, the Tribolata Valley and the torturous Aveto Valley.

From Spring to Autumn, our territory offers many cultural and musical events, local festivals to celebrate our traditional dishes and numerous historical and medieval towns and villages. Just to site some of the events: the Bobbio Film Festival, Val Tidone festival, the Antique Fruit Fair, the Rights Festival and the Piacenza Jazz Fest.